Automotive Machine Shop Recommendations

automotive machine shop in Calgary

Are you looking for an automotive machine shop in Calgary? Here are some recommendations for your search. Hillburn Machine Shop Inc., Solid Industries and Machine Shop, and Metro Machine Works are just a few of the many options. Read on to learn more about each one and see which one is right for you. These four shops provide top-notch automotive service and offer their clients a wide range of services. Each one has its own unique set of skills and expertise, and they are fully devoted to meeting your needs. Learn more here.

Metro Machine Works

If you need a car repair, you might want to think about using a professional automobile machine shop in Calgary. At Metro Machine Works, customer service does not come second to profits, and they strive to provide the best customer service. With over 40 years of experience and progressive thinking, their team has the tools and expertise to help you with your needs. From refinishing the inside of your car to manufacturing parts, this Calgary shop can handle it all.

In this machine shop, you’ll find highly-qualified and experienced machinists who are skilled in reading and programming machines. They will also perform tasks like evaluating potential problems with rotating, hydraulic, or mechanical equipment. Lastly, they will follow the directions of their Operations Manager. This means that you can count on these Calgary automotive machine shops for top-notch service. In addition, they will work closely with you to create the best possible car parts.

Hillburn Machine Shop Inc.

If you’re looking for a one-stop CNC machine shop in Calgary, Alberta, you’ve found the right place. Hillburn Machine Shop Inc. services companies throughout Alberta, North America, and even the world. While it specializes in oil and gas products, the company also provides services for other industries. For example, they build down hole tools and flow control products for the oil and gas industry. Whether you need a simple nozzle or a complex pipe fitting, the company can help you find what you need.

The company is located at 4115 61 Ave SE #2, Calgary, AB. The telephone number for this location is (403) 606-1844. They are open 24 hours a day to assist you with your needs. To make an appointment or to inquire about services, call the company today at (403) 606-1844. They’re also available to help you with any repairs you have. Aside from providing machining services, Hillburn Machine Shop Inc. also offers welding services.

Sullivan Machine Works Inc.

Sullivan Machine Works Inc. is a machine shop in Calgary, AB that provides manufacturing and maintenance services to various industries, including aerospace and automotive. Their highly skilled employees strive to exceed customer expectations and keep a positive attitude. Customers often recommend Sullivan Machine Works Inc. for their timely work and quoted prices. They are a member of the D&B Hoovers self-service platform, which helps them identify the best prospects and target them.

Sullivan Machine Works is a successful industrial firm that has been a leader in the Canadian advanced technology sector for the last century. The company was founded by two Kimberley natives, Noah Wesche and Aaron Christensen, and is named for the famous mine that supported the town for over a century. The company opened a sophisticated advanced manufacturing facility in Calgary where it develops precision parts for a variety of industries. Despite its relatively small size, the company has grown to become a global player in the industry and is planning an expansion into the Kimberley area.

Solid Industries and Machine Shop

If you’re looking for an automotive machine shop in Calgary that can deliver the best products, look no further than Solid Industries and Machine Shop Ltd. Operating for over 20 years, Solid Industries and Machine Shop has a wealth of experience in manufacturing complex components. They employ skilled team members, utilize state-of-the-art equipment, and respond to design challenges with speed and precision. With this much experience, they’ve grown to become a leader in their industry, and their reputation for quality is second to none.

Founded in 1992, Solid Industries and Machine Shop has been in business for 20 years and serves companies all over the United States. Their talented employees have worked in different industries and have an excellent track record for exceeding client expectations. They also offer competitive rates, timely work, and quoted prices, which are some of the factors that make them so highly recommended. For other Calgary machining needs, Solid Industries and Machine Shop is an excellent option.

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