DIY Wood Countertops

If you are planning to update your kitchen, you might want to consider getting a wood countertop installed, more info here. A wood countertop will greatly enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Although there are many different types of wood to choose from, maple is by far the most popular. Maple counters are durable, beautiful, and versatile.

wood countertop

When it comes to the subject of kitchen countertops, maple stands out among all of them. Maple countertops are usually solid. No molds or stains show through. Maple has many desirable qualities for a kitchen countertop. For starters, it is extremely dense and strong. This makes maple the ideal countertop for staining or sealing.

Maple also has a rich color. The color of a real maple wood countertop can go from light to dark shades of brown or black. Maple is especially good for darker countertops. The rich coloration of a stain on a maple countertop makes it ideal for creating the appearance of a space. If you like your kitchen to appear to be more uniform in size, this would be ideal. It will fill up any small or uneven spaces and make your entire kitchen appear larger than it is.

Another great quality that wood countertop adds to the overall appearance of your kitchen is the natural grain. Grain patterns can range from intricate multi-colored designs to perfectly smooth lines. If you like the look of stone but prefer something a little less formal, you could go with oak or cherry countertops instead. They would still add character to your space.

If you are more into natural materials than man-made materials, a maple or oak kitchen countertop would work well in your kitchen. Natural materials come in a variety of colors and grain patterns. Some of these kitchen tops are also hollow, giving your countertops extra depth and functionality. This can also work to your advantage if you have a smaller kitchen.

What about using a wood sink? Man-made counter tops can get messy and slippery when wet. A solid butcher-block sink is often a better alternative for a kitchen countertop. It will be solid and will prevent your sink from being damaged by drips.

Last but not least is choosing the right style. There are plenty of different woods and styles to choose from. Look at all the different materials available as well as the different shapes and sizes. If you have a small kitchen, you can even opt for a wood island top. These kitchen countertops add character to small kitchens because of the unique design.

These are some basic tips for picking out wood countertops. Once you know what you are looking for, you can then go out and shop around. You’ll find that there are many options out there. Do your research and talk to people who use these kitchen countertops. You can get great ideas on what finishes you should use and the types of edge profiles to avoid.

If you are a DIY Woodworker, you may also want to check out the DIY Wood Countertop project. The tutorial details include planning, measuring, cutting and finishing touches. This particular tutorial is geared towards the do-it-yourself homeowner. In addition to the plans and material lists, you will learn about using cabinet hinges to mount the upper and lower kitchen countertops. The project includes complete project instructions and the diagrams you need to construct the project.

Walnut and maple countertops are among the most popular choices. Maple has a very light honey color and is often found in lighter shades of mahogany. Walnut wood can be stained to a wide array of colors. A walnut veneer is popular as a very high end option.

The grains in walnut and maple are very distinct and have some lovely natural highlights. The highlights of maple are typically more reddish or brown in color. If you are interested in the grain pattern, you should focus on the center/per sq area as the highlights are usually located near this area.

Although the cost for these types of wood countertops is more expensive than standard vinyl countertops, you may decide that your money is well spent. These DIY wood countertops are available in many different sizes and styles. The strips can be cut into various sizes for a custom look. You can also purchase unfinished strips and complete the installation process yourself.

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