Which Medicare Supplement Plans Are Right For You?

Medicare supplement plans (also referred to as Medigap) are insurance policies sold by private companies that provide additional coverage for medical expenses that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. They can be a great way to save money on healthcare costs, but choosing the right plan is important.

The best medicare supplement providers offer a range of plans and perks to meet the needs of their customers. This will make it easier for you to choose the best fit for your situation.

You’ll need to find an insurance agent who can explain the different options available to you, including how they work and what you’re covered for. They should also be committed to finding you a policy that meets your health care needs and budget.

One of the most common types of medicare supplementsĀ See more is Plan G, which offers extensive coverage and is available to anyone who is newly eligible for Medicare after 2020. This plan is very popular, as it covers all out-of-pocket expenses for medical services.

Plan F is another option that is popular for new beneficiaries and it also has extensive coverage. This plan covers most of the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B, but it does not have as many perks as Plan G.

Several Medigap plans are available to seniors in all 50 states. These include plans from more than 30 different insurance carriers, so you can find the best policy for your situation.

Aetna is a leading provider of Medicare Supplement plans, with an A++ rating from AM Best and an easy application process. They also have a “general administrative rule” that they won’t increase your rates during your first 12 months with them.

Cigna is a national company that provides Medigap plans in most areas of the country. Its standardized policies offer competitive prices and coverage for most people, and its perks include a 24/7 advice line that is staffed by nurses.

They also have a variety of other insurance products, such as Medicare Advantage and stand-alone Part D drug plans. Its Medicare Advantage plans often come with extra benefits, like dental, vision and hearing, as well as over-the-counter purchases, fitness and wellness programs.

USAA maintains good reviews and boasts excellent customer service, but their selection of supplement plans is limited, and you might be able to get better deals elsewhere. They also don’t provide rate information upfront, so you’ll need to talk with a representative by phone or access your account online to explore your coverage options.

Go Medigap has received the highest ratings from the BBB and thousands of happy clients, but their quote for our comparison plan was 30% higher than several of their competitors. However, they do have a unique Rate Watch feature that alerts you if the plan you purchased might not be the best choice for you when rates go up.

You can save money on healthcare costs by using a knowledgeable and committed independent insurance agent to find you a Medicare supplement plan that suits your lifestyle. They should be licensed and experienced, and they should have a commitment to helping you understand your options and find the best option for your situation.

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